Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ca⋅dav⋅er⋅ous life!

I miss living my life...

The way I used to smile...

The way I used to cheer up and say hi

To the faces known- unknown who use to pass by!


Now all I think is about loss

The borrowed pain and the imposed gloss

The cruelty being wrapped in morality

The evil face of my own divinity


The face which looks back from mirror not mine!

The eyes are same but they reflect shame

...instead of shine!


When my own people touch me... 

I don't feel a thing!

For a moment I do see them smiling

But then I blink!


It’s as if I am watching my life

...from a glass door

They are calling my name

..But I could hear no more!


I am beating the glass, asking them for help

They think I am being snobbish n giving them hell

They r going away n all they feel for me is sorrow n despise

I am helpless n weak but they leave me crying


It is not even a nightmare

It is real... it's the animal in me and is alive

I am scared, am panting inside and screaming

Gimme back my life...

 Gimme back my life!

oh man.. when it happened? i feel so trapped in myself... i want a escape.. i want out!

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