Sunday, April 5, 2009

The clash of being!

when the game gets real, the real gets game... 
you chuck it, u dodge it, yet all excuses stay lame.  
you think u won, then u see victory in foe's eyes,
battle never ends... it's between FIRE 'n' ICE.  
u kill, u bleed, u breathe pride 'n' shame, 
u win it, u loose it, it'll remain the same...!  
u fight for life yet u wish u die... 
vengeance is a mockery when true are the lies!
i free u from captive, the remorse, the hope... 
i defy boundaries, every treason u blame me of.  
my power i'll seize, only silhouettes will speak of my presence... 
incarnation of a preposterous notion, i m smoke... evanescence will b my essence.