Monday, September 21, 2009

You are searching for me!!

In all those lonely nights
when world is so shiny and bright
when heart and mind are on a fight
and all you carve is insanity of a while
i am the word you want to hear,
alive... true... and real!!

when you don't wish to board last train home,
when the melody of cacophony is long gone...
when silence no more seems the company...
stars are all bright, but that is not what you wish to see.
i am the silent thud, your heart just then had,
picture is not in pieces, it's a perfect mosaic!

when everyone in the crowd is a familiar face
when you stop letting horoscope decide your daily fate...
when you refuse to let smile leave it's place...
you know you are running alone, but still continue with the race.
it's my breath you feel on your skin, still there for you as i always have been.

you have been here, too long,
even the suspicion now is too strong.
and i know this all sounds very funny
but ever heard "irony met a tragedy"?
it's all about errors in a comedy
by the way, yes, you are searching for me!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The clash of being!

when the game gets real, the real gets game... 
you chuck it, u dodge it, yet all excuses stay lame.  
you think u won, then u see victory in foe's eyes,
battle never ends... it's between FIRE 'n' ICE.  
u kill, u bleed, u breathe pride 'n' shame, 
u win it, u loose it, it'll remain the same...!  
u fight for life yet u wish u die... 
vengeance is a mockery when true are the lies!
i free u from captive, the remorse, the hope... 
i defy boundaries, every treason u blame me of.  
my power i'll seize, only silhouettes will speak of my presence... 
incarnation of a preposterous notion, i m smoke... evanescence will b my essence.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy B'day!

(about the pic the photographer said-A teddy bear sitting on a grave of a women called "Paula". I don't know her but based on her year of birth, I'm guessing that the teddy bear was a gift from a grandchild)

There is a girl who lives in house in front of mine, 
sweet n simple but with a heart which is divine.

When things are not right... all u need is her sweet smile. 
For it to become a special day jus be with her for a while.

She knows the sense in stupidity... 
Can make even a toothache a calamity!

She wants to b a child when she grows old... 
Got the spirit of hurricane, no one can keep her on hold.

She is the one who made my life pretty easy
 n she hates it when i say the word 'busy'.

hey nutty, my tooti-frooti, there something i want to tell u truely... 
No matter wt u think bt i belong to u already!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

plea for death!

i don't know how or why
but i did something 
which i ...didn't meant to try

i don't know
is it false or true 
that i am
already in love with you

i meant to
stop and wait
but i fear it to be
too late!

i don't know wt to do,
i trust you!
but am I 
being true?

you put it all so simply
but for me it's not that easy

dun ask me questions
dun gimme a choice
kill me for once
n my soul is for you to rejoice!

i can't give my heart alone.. u gotta keep my soul!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ca⋅dav⋅er⋅ous life!

I miss living my life...

The way I used to smile...

The way I used to cheer up and say hi

To the faces known- unknown who use to pass by!


Now all I think is about loss

The borrowed pain and the imposed gloss

The cruelty being wrapped in morality

The evil face of my own divinity


The face which looks back from mirror not mine!

The eyes are same but they reflect shame

...instead of shine!


When my own people touch me... 

I don't feel a thing!

For a moment I do see them smiling

But then I blink!


It’s as if I am watching my life

...from a glass door

They are calling my name

..But I could hear no more!


I am beating the glass, asking them for help

They think I am being snobbish n giving them hell

They r going away n all they feel for me is sorrow n despise

I am helpless n weak but they leave me crying


It is not even a nightmare

It is real... it's the animal in me and is alive

I am scared, am panting inside and screaming

Gimme back my life...

 Gimme back my life!

oh man.. when it happened? i feel so trapped in myself... i want a escape.. i want out!