Monday, December 15, 2008

i must be damn crazy that i posted it here!!

Don't fall for something you can't have, 
but heart never listens.. It does jus that!

All day long all i do is miss you.. 
N it's too scary to know how much i love you!

Dream of u in the nights,
think of you with the dawn.. 
N when i feel lonely inside 
it's your name i mourn.

I keep listening to our love song... N get alive with evry beep on my phone.

Do u think of me nw n then... Dial my num n cut again? 

Realizing Hw crazy m about you disgusts me... 
M jus carrying a few rags in the name of dignity.

I can live without u for sure bt it's nt easy anymore...
how am i to forget something etched on my heart 'n' soul??

Y we have to fight against solipsism's truth n vanity.
Y it can't be.. Jus u n me?

Lets just stop this hurt game.. Be mine n let me be yours again!

Be mine n let me be yours again!!