Friday, April 29, 2011


You live life in circles

A new one every time

Few faces

Some happy, some sad

But story is predefined

You call it second chances

No one understands it fully

So they just call it divine.

Deep down in your heart

And mine

We know every day is

Nothing more than

Just a fake sun shine

But here we have made our world

With hints of happiness more than subtle

And it’s ok if it has to change slowly

Until it got a you and a me.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I can't sense if u r around,
I am able to find your face
if only i search hard in the crowd.
I have never felt a need to miss you
Though at time i do wonder
how long has it been since i kissed you.
I have recently started stalking you
on social networks,
and at times i do wonder
are we trying too hard to make it work.
why doesn't love comes to me easy,
why i have to remain invisible
even if i am not busy.
Have i missed out on learning
or is it the concept of arranged marriage
that i am adamant to apply in love.
Yes, i am looking for a fairy tale,
I ask, why it shouldn't be...
Why can't you be my Romeo
and I, your Juliet to be?