Thursday, April 28, 2011


I can't sense if u r around,
I am able to find your face
if only i search hard in the crowd.
I have never felt a need to miss you
Though at time i do wonder
how long has it been since i kissed you.
I have recently started stalking you
on social networks,
and at times i do wonder
are we trying too hard to make it work.
why doesn't love comes to me easy,
why i have to remain invisible
even if i am not busy.
Have i missed out on learning
or is it the concept of arranged marriage
that i am adamant to apply in love.
Yes, i am looking for a fairy tale,
I ask, why it shouldn't be...
Why can't you be my Romeo
and I, your Juliet to be?

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immorally.moral said...

Leaving it with a question is such a drag...