Saturday, August 30, 2008

End to a Beginning!

I do not know why…
Things happen as they do in life.
One moment there are flowers and sunshine
In very next, smile is pronounced as crime.
I do not know what goes wrong…
Why do I always fail to hold on?
Why all I try to catch is always smoke
Why relations die without any further hope.
If nothing matters to me
Then why my heart aches…
Why my all promises made to self
Now sounds so fake
Where should I go to ask….
What went wrong?
My world crashed in a moment
Even without the hint of storm

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts damned... who you think you are... you know everything... Do you... No you don’t. You don’t and I promise you’ll never do. It hurts you ****** it hurts like hell… how easy it was... wasn’t it… to say “I got some work” and go. I have tried once, now I’ll just nurse my ego.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anam Cara

You never know when it starts
And a stranger makes way into your heart
You think of her and smile
N keeps wondering about the same long after saying good-byes!

You don't know how she looks
You wonder is she someone form a fairy book!
On the other side of your pc she shows surprise
N you can still see the sparkle in her eyes.

When you hurt her and behave like an oak
She pretends as if it was just a joke.
She sting as a bee in a deadly move
But add humor to make it smooth.

It's awesome that what a chat can do to you
You start smiling while listening to blues.
You hold yourself a moment longer
To make the longing inside you stronger.

She says I keep her on the bay
Should I tell her I want her longer to stay,
How much I fear to loose her someday
So I am making it harder today.

I know what I am doing is just not right
But loving someone gives me fright
She would never know how much is on stake
Because she says good bye to me every single day!

- to my net friend!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To S

Sometimes words just lost their meaning n seems like what they actually are " just words"! I am not surprised that I could not think of a single word to say to you! All I have for you are my bare emotions n feelings.
So every time I think of you.. I smile, for that stupid, bubbly child who just babble all day long and want everyone in the world to know wt she has to say.., but I couldn't say a thing!
Every time you are in trouble.. my heart aches for you.. I stand far away from you n watch you cry.. coz I want you to heal , without any scars, I stay there with you.. But I couldn't say a thing!
whenever you tell me about your joys.. I feel honored.. coz you are someone who trust me without any reason, any question or asking anything in return.. that is the present you give me everyday.. I am humbled and want to tell you same.. but I couldn't say a thing!

when I hurt you.. I do without feeling guilty.. you feel bad n hurt.. i know.. but what you give me back is always a smile.. u forgive me always.. then I feel guilty.. but I
Couldn't say a thing!

And When I finally say something to you.. I criticize you.. Coz that is wt I know best to do.. You always hear me.. N try to make things right.. Then I wonder should I be happy that you made it again.. Or should I curse myself coz neither you deserved my rudeness nor you should have changed yourself.. You always leave me speechless..!

You are like the first light of dawn which gives hope n promise.. But take away the security of dark.. My loneliness away from me.. I am a loner.. I hate real people!
You are like the music I love the most.. Bt the same makes me cry!
You are the gift given to me.. Bt is too fragile!
It's a curse to have you as my friend.. N yet it's the only thought that make me smile!

Tell me what should I do about you?