Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anam Cara

You never know when it starts
And a stranger makes way into your heart
You think of her and smile
N keeps wondering about the same long after saying good-byes!

You don't know how she looks
You wonder is she someone form a fairy book!
On the other side of your pc she shows surprise
N you can still see the sparkle in her eyes.

When you hurt her and behave like an oak
She pretends as if it was just a joke.
She sting as a bee in a deadly move
But add humor to make it smooth.

It's awesome that what a chat can do to you
You start smiling while listening to blues.
You hold yourself a moment longer
To make the longing inside you stronger.

She says I keep her on the bay
Should I tell her I want her longer to stay,
How much I fear to loose her someday
So I am making it harder today.

I know what I am doing is just not right
But loving someone gives me fright
She would never know how much is on stake
Because she says good bye to me every single day!

- to my net friend!

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