Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To S

Sometimes words just lost their meaning n seems like what they actually are " just words"! I am not surprised that I could not think of a single word to say to you! All I have for you are my bare emotions n feelings.
So every time I think of you.. I smile, for that stupid, bubbly child who just babble all day long and want everyone in the world to know wt she has to say.., but I couldn't say a thing!
Every time you are in trouble.. my heart aches for you.. I stand far away from you n watch you cry.. coz I want you to heal , without any scars, I stay there with you.. But I couldn't say a thing!
whenever you tell me about your joys.. I feel honored.. coz you are someone who trust me without any reason, any question or asking anything in return.. that is the present you give me everyday.. I am humbled and want to tell you same.. but I couldn't say a thing!

when I hurt you.. I do without feeling guilty.. you feel bad n hurt.. i know.. but what you give me back is always a smile.. u forgive me always.. then I feel guilty.. but I
Couldn't say a thing!

And When I finally say something to you.. I criticize you.. Coz that is wt I know best to do.. You always hear me.. N try to make things right.. Then I wonder should I be happy that you made it again.. Or should I curse myself coz neither you deserved my rudeness nor you should have changed yourself.. You always leave me speechless..!

You are like the first light of dawn which gives hope n promise.. But take away the security of dark.. My loneliness away from me.. I am a loner.. I hate real people!
You are like the music I love the most.. Bt the same makes me cry!
You are the gift given to me.. Bt is too fragile!
It's a curse to have you as my friend.. N yet it's the only thought that make me smile!

Tell me what should I do about you?

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