Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Beautiful Good-Bye!!!

Who were you?

A longing chime or just a name…

A humble smile or just a game

You made dreams come true in a single day…

How could you be the one, who crushed them once in every way?


It was never proper when we said ‘hi’

Why I am feeling nostalgic while saying ‘bye’?

How you manage to ruin things

N they yet seem right

Are you a magician?

Or I got problem with my sight!


I don’t know, is it about perceptive?

Or life is in habit of using such complex adjectives

That the moment you think

You know it all…

They tell you to wait,

Coz it just wasn’t your call!


You make me wonder n you make me cry

And I bet I would never meet other such guy!

This day I am keeping as a relic for life

And let me tell you… I just love your smile!!

I don’t know if we could meet again, ever

But this one will always remind me of you… Sir!


Monday, October 20, 2008

A Stolen Nexus

I promise to stand beside you,

For all it takes…

And you told me everyone has left you alone,

 In the middle of the way!


All I want, is to see you smile,

Just to hold you once and make you stay for a while!

All I end up giving you is a shoulder to cry,

And hearing about people you want by your side.


That’s what you do to me,

When ever you come and we talk.

All I hear is about people I don’t know,

Even though it’s u ’n’ me taking a walk!


How am I to tell you, things I want to say?

You never try to take a step forward, just keep standing on the bay.

As much as I want you near me, I find you going away.

Am I trying to build a dream castle of false hope and dry clay?


Stay with me… please stay!

I steal the ties you have with others to make a bond with you!

I am a thief who steal the blood for her heart!!