Monday, October 20, 2008

A Stolen Nexus

I promise to stand beside you,

For all it takes…

And you told me everyone has left you alone,

 In the middle of the way!


All I want, is to see you smile,

Just to hold you once and make you stay for a while!

All I end up giving you is a shoulder to cry,

And hearing about people you want by your side.


That’s what you do to me,

When ever you come and we talk.

All I hear is about people I don’t know,

Even though it’s u ’n’ me taking a walk!


How am I to tell you, things I want to say?

You never try to take a step forward, just keep standing on the bay.

As much as I want you near me, I find you going away.

Am I trying to build a dream castle of false hope and dry clay?


Stay with me… please stay!

I steal the ties you have with others to make a bond with you!

I am a thief who steal the blood for her heart!!

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