Thursday, July 31, 2008


Never been in love before,
So I don't know for sure
are you the same guy I have been searchin all my life??
Are you the one?

In the whisper of the night
With the moon so bright
I often wonder who'll take me beyond those skies..
Are you the one?

I am no angel or goddess
But want someone to treat me as
For whom will b my all truth and lies..
Are you are one..
are you one..

Are you.. The one!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Treacherous Heart

I am sure that wasn't love
I wonder, then why it still hurts?
I know you weren’t the one for me,
So now why I am feeling so lonely?

Why my heart ache to have you back
Why you seem as the piece of my life I lack
Why I still want to call you late in the night
What is happening to me? It’s just not right.

Do I love you?, No. but I am just not ready to say goodbye.
I still wish I could stop you, I could hold you tight,
You are going away and I want to cry,
Because with you I can't live, without you... I can't survive.