Sunday, October 23, 2011

Half Truth

Life screams to me time and again,
But I feel frustrated
Because I am not able to understand
What is it that it is trying to tell me
It is similar to how one day, in all those horror movies
you meet a few trapped souls, looking for an escape to eternity.
But this time, I still don’t know,
How is it that I can help it and it can help me?

All I know is what I am seeing is just the half truth
I am shown a flash of brilliance once and then
I am again in the world of crooks
At times I wonder at my own irony
Is it just my perception of Plato’s cave,
Or I am somehow simply repelling my own safety and security.
But then I know
There are always a few who see the world in its cruel serenity
They call themselves poets, artists, but now days, so does everybody
Am I allured by a few who just cause a distraction through a magnum opus of tragedy
Am I just romancing with the idea of being a rebel? Is it really a necessity?

I see a façade in even the modern poetry,
because everyone is a paper tiger, And not what they are meant to be
I say my generation is a nostalgic one,
We have forsaken the light and promise of tomorrow
We are still awestruck by the heroism of history

We always live life in parallels,
A different parallel with everybody
I started living life with myself once
I figured out I am not what I thought I would be!

Friday, April 29, 2011


You live life in circles

A new one every time

Few faces

Some happy, some sad

But story is predefined

You call it second chances

No one understands it fully

So they just call it divine.

Deep down in your heart

And mine

We know every day is

Nothing more than

Just a fake sun shine

But here we have made our world

With hints of happiness more than subtle

And it’s ok if it has to change slowly

Until it got a you and a me.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I can't sense if u r around,
I am able to find your face
if only i search hard in the crowd.
I have never felt a need to miss you
Though at time i do wonder
how long has it been since i kissed you.
I have recently started stalking you
on social networks,
and at times i do wonder
are we trying too hard to make it work.
why doesn't love comes to me easy,
why i have to remain invisible
even if i am not busy.
Have i missed out on learning
or is it the concept of arranged marriage
that i am adamant to apply in love.
Yes, i am looking for a fairy tale,
I ask, why it shouldn't be...
Why can't you be my Romeo
and I, your Juliet to be?

Thursday, November 11, 2010


आज मै ऑफिस से घर से जो आई
कमरों में एक सन्नाटा सा पसरा पाया
हवाओ की सरसराहट पर
जैसे किसी ने ताला लगा दिया हो.

चारो तरफ हमारे एक-साथ बुने सपने
पतझड़ के पत्तो से बिखरे पड़े थे.
मैंने झुक कर एक को जो उठाया
तो तुम्हारी हंसी की खनक सुनाई दी

इस पर ख्याल आया,
आज कल मुस्कुराहतो ने हमारे साथ
आँख-मिचौली भी खेलना छोड़ दिया है

सोफे पे पड़ी मिट्टी की परते
बोलती है कितने दिन हुए
जब कुछ देर रुक कर
बातें की थी हमने
मेज पर उस दिन की कॉफ़ी के कप
के निशान आज भी मौजूद है

दरवाजे की घंटी बजी है
सोच रही हू आज पूछ ही लू
उस अजनबी से एक कप कॉफ़ी के लिए
जो यू तो रोज़ ही आता है मेरे घर.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chandani 11

I feel sane
I feel alive
Is it just smoke?
or i see my past walking by

My thoughts take me to a city
I see faces of my brothers and sisters
and among them my own

The silence is smiling upon me
my spirit is dancing with the moon
Shadows are holding my hand
and taking me in the woods

Reason betrays my fear
and destiny decides
I should

I walk bare feet
on snow, grass and smoke
Crossing the boundaries
of pain, hope and truth

Stars stop looking for me
for it knows it won't find me
I am an enigma,
a miracle unspoken
and pure

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The world of sister & brothers

The world of remorse and hope

It gives all - In balance

As happiness & pain are same

Two sides of same dame

Just hormones - they claim

So what is it, the state to be

What causes the harmony

Is it the power? The fame?

No, they r just another form of tragedy

It requires the knowledge of 'me'

And the satisfaction of - being

They call you from all sides

Mute cacophony, colorful and blind

You still find your wish - you live.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Technicolor Me

I feel like standing in the crowd, I see people passing by

I wish them to stop and stay with me for a moment

But they don’t know me; I am just a stranger,

Who is with them just for a while

I look around and smile

Color my part of the world purple and bright

They turn around; feel happy, amused and satisfied

I pass them the bubble; little hope, though fragile

Now they move again to some place, they think they belong to

Their bubble busts right behind them, all is left is just dew

I look towards the sky as it start pouring wet drops on dry

And I wave them happily, as they pass by

(I miss you, I truly do!)