Friday, May 9, 2008


You are the last thought when I drift to sleep at night..
N when I wake up in mornings I feel your arms around I curdle back to sleep.

Not able to do a thing properly coz what am I thinking is you…day n night

N when I see stops as if it’s the end of eternity.. I stand still observing the every moment you make.. The way you move your hand while you talk..seems like a dancer is into a spell of his greatest moves..

Every time you blink your eyes.. Its like the birth of a new dream, new hope, new vision…

Your lips move when you talk as if your are whispering the darkest secrets of seduction in my ears..

When you smile.. I see heaven with its divine beauty which is incomparable to what human eyes could ever see..

N then finally when you look at me.. I see a sudden spark in your eyes which tells me I am the most loved women ever born n ever will be.. Without any need of promise

You stretch your hand towards me.. I walk towards you without taking my eyes off yours..

I give you my hand.. You hold it like its your lifeline..

You pull me closer.. Makin me snuggle to your side.. N jus hold me there!

People around us see us together n talk about how good we look together..

But what they can't see, I found unguarded in your eyes..


passion said...


Nice one and good flow and expression.

But i couldn't understand the last what way is it written?

the purple guitar said...

it says ppl can only see how gud we look together but they wud never now how beautiful our realtionship is.. n its the depth of his love for me that i see in his eyes!!

Vidya said...

ah! beautifully expressed